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(386) 562-7164

We are Artists, Athletes, Dreamers & Believers.

Minion is a family of diverse backgrounds connected to art and devoted to life by the sea. Our brand embraces expression and promotes a lifestyle free of corporate pressure, focused on living life to the fullest and never looking back.

Minion is about finding the perfect wave in the ocean of life and riding it as long as you can.


Our products grow with you.

Minion exists from the support of our family. As our family grows, our product line grows with it. Embracing the product means opening doors for the future. We have big dreams, and with the help of all the family we know we can make them come true. We are making products for life, to feel good and bring people together who inspire the future.

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Somewhere is >= Nowhere

It's never enough to just dream, we must do. With one life, there are endless opportunities to challenge the odds, question the standards and carve new paths. We are makers of our own destiny, suppliers of our own passions and buyers of our own dreams. We are at one with the sea, the salt air, the trees, the lakes and all that's in between. Rest is for the dead, and the dead we are not; for we are artists of the trade.